MoSphere | Boost Solutions

Social network with multi-media support, chatting, geo-data, live posts, local monetization options, and user-driven moderation.

Short description

The app we’ve developed for MoSphere enables users to create their own communities, private as well as the public, and post there. The posts that don’t evoke interest from others after a certain time are automatically deleted. We’ve also integrated photo/Video editing and filtering powered by the Open GL technology.

Main challenges

The project had a number of exciting challenges that included real-time photo and video filtering, server rewriting, and implementation of chat functionality. The server was initially written on UserGrid, but later had to be rewritten using REST and NodeJS. The chat functionality wasn’t in the initial project scope, but eventually on the Client’s request we have implemented a very decent one-on-one chat (with ability to post photo/video).

Technological Stack:

We have successfully finished the project. The Client was satisfied with the result, especially with the Android part, but decided to freeze the project due to his personal reasons.

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