CoffeeCoin | Boost Solutions

Bonus-management app that allows users to find the best cafés nearby and get free bonus coffee, and makes it easier for cafés to find and retain visitors. Created with love for coffee and the city which loves it just as we do.

Short description

CoffeCoin is our own product, developed for the local market. The app enables users and cafés to participate in an automated bonus system. In a nutshell, the system works on a request-approve basis, with each 11th coffee available for free. Additionaly, the app stores all of the cafés’ wi-fi passwords in one place and saves user’s info about his visits.

Main challenges

CoffeeCoin is more than a bonus program – it’s a database of clients, to which partner cafés get access. Therefore, the most challenging part was to define the right architecture and design the back-end properly. There were also many challenges along the iOS development due to the Apple policies.

Technological Stack:

It’s one of our own projects, recently started in one city, yet with a bold vision for the future:


cafés growing the network to include


reaching active users;

other projects