We offer Facebook Advertising Services, and Viral Product Video Production focusing solely on eCommerce Stores.

trusted by clients

trusted by clients

Facebook Ads for Shopify

Reach a wider audience and improve profitability with Facebook Ads. Currency, Facebook has 2.74 billion active users all around the world. Localize your campaign and tap into over 6.61million Facebook users across the country and see your ROI rise off the charts.

Warming up cold audiences is our game. Our team has the right tools for targeting and retargeting potential customers, scaling Facebook Ad campaigns, and ROAS break-even analysis.

Why choose BOOST for your Facebook Ads?

We have a dedicated team of Facebook Ad Experts
100+ successful Facebook Ad Campaigns ran for Shopify businesses
Customized Ad Campaign Strategies that work for eCom sites
ROI & Conversion-Focused Approach

Facebook Ads Services We Offer:

Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) «

Market Segmentation using Lookalike Audience «

Manual Ad Placement «

Manual Bidding «

Market Retargeting «

Facebook Ads Campaign Setup «

Localized Ad Copy Creation «

Viral Product Video Production «

Conversion-Optimized Landing Page Design & Creation «

Why choose BOOST for your Facebook Ads?

Feasible Strategy

Everything starts with an achievable and doable plan and the first step is brand development. This includes identifying your buyer’s persona, their customer journey, and the creation of your media plan.


The actions we take are all based on data. We define and analyze your customers’ purchasing power so we can plot your ROAS, ensuring your business gets the maximum ROI possible.


We run a scientific approach A/B testing on every campaign to measure and compare which strategy performs better. We always test the hypothesis before we spend a large budget on the campaign.

Banned Facebook Ads? We Handle it Just Right!

Through the years of operation, we have helped every business setup its Facebook campaign successfully. We fully understand the Facebook policies and guide every client with the dos and don’ts of campaign setup. Just like Google, Facebook too frequently updates their policy, and we make sure we’re on top of that.

At BOOST, we assure you that your campaigns are ready and have met the Facebook guidelines to make them live.

Below are the following factors we need to consider to achieve a successful Facebook Campaign:

Facebook Page Quality

Quality Ranking Scores for Facebook and Instagram Ads

Landing Page Quality Score

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