One of the problems that a Facebook advertiser may experience is having their ad accounts rejected and banned. A lot of marketers are facing this issue and even more frequently these days. With such an important traffic-source blocked, all your effort may go to waste all of a sudden. Reducing your revenue and in the worst case: sink your business. 

In this article, we will give you some tips on how to handle rejected ad accounts. But before jumping into the solutions, let us first find out why Facebook is banning and restricting ad accounts.


Reasons why your Facebook ad account is banned

Having a banned account is much worse than having ads rejected on Facebook, as getting your account back can be a lot of hassles. Having your ad account banned also means you will need to set up a new Business Manager and payment method. In worst cases, you may have to recreate a Facebook page from scratch, losing all page followers.

But why would your Facebook ad account be banned in the first place? Here are the three most common reasons that cause the deactivation of your Facebook ad account.

  • Repeated ad rejection

Facebook has ad policy and community standard every marketer needs to adhere to. Violating these policies can lead to ad campaign disapproval. Consecutive and repetitive violations of the guidelines will lead to your ad account being banned.

It is very necessary to make sure your ads are not rejected to keep your ads running. But when you hit the wrong button and have your ads disapproved, here are some tips you can do to prevent these unfortunate situations.

  • Unsettled or pending settlement 

If you believe that you have not violated any of the Facebook community guidelines or the ad policies, having an outstanding balance on your ad account can make your ad account deactivated too.

Facebook will mark your ad account as ‘Pending Closure’ until the time you pay your balance. You will have to fully settle your outstanding balance before you can reactivate your ad account. Fortunately, if this is the reason why your account got restricted, the fix is easy. Just make sure that your billing details and payment method are up to date.  

To learn more about fixing this issue, see Add Your Bank Account as a Payment Method for Facebook Ads. Based on our experience, we recommend using Paypal to pay for Facebook ads for convenience.

  • Received a large volume of negative feedback

Another reason why Facebook bans an account is because of the volume of negative feedback it receives . The fate of your ad account depends on the reviews and comments you get from fellow Facebook users. Users can hide or report a specific post or ad from your Facebook page if they find it:

  • Irrelevant
  • Inappropriate for Facebook’s audience
  • violated the community standards

Unliking your page, leaving negative comments under your post, or sending angry reactions, are just a few of the many factors that affect your Facebook ad score. Having a low score can lead to your advertisements being rejected. 

Facebook does not suspend your account right away with just one negative comment or report. It takes a high percentage of negative feedback to total impressions and engagements before your ad account is disabled. 

How To Appeal for your disabled FB Ad Account

The first step you need to do before appealing for your disabled account is to make sure that you followed the Facebook Policies on Ads. Run through the guidelines and check what policy you have possibly violated. 

If after a thorough check of the guidelines, you are still unsure of the reason for the account ban, here are a few things you can do to request an appeal of reconsideration.

  • Fill Out Forms

  1. If you are managing more than one accounts and unsure which is actually blocked, simply visit Facebook Account Quality using this link: you are in, you will see whether your personal account or business account is restricted.

  3. Upon clicking your disabled business account, you will see a list of restricted assets in your account. You can also see which ad accounts are blocked. Again, if you believe that you have not violated any of the Facebook Policies, then you can proceed requesting a review.

  5. On the right side part of the dashboard, you can see a box. It is where you can request a review for your accounts. Click through the button, and it will redirect you to another page.

  7. When requesting a review, you will be required to fill the form as shown below. Choose what business account you want to request a review for. Then answer “yes” or “no” if you are the admin of that said account or not.

  9. A dropdown will show up, presenting some choices of why you are requesting a review. If your issue is not any of the first two options, then click the “Another reason.”

  11. State your reason when asking for an appeal. Make use of a clear, detailed explanation regarding the issue your account is charged with. The clearer the explanation, the quicker it is for Facebook Support to understand your account is compliant to the FB Ad Policies. Remember to keep your language polite and business casual. Being unreasonable with your statements during the conversation with Facebook’s Support Team can lead to the permanent termination of your account.Unsure of how to formulate your appeal? Call us now, we’ll help you construct a clear, detailed appeal to help get your account unbanned.

After appealing, wait for Facebook’s response. While your account is being reviewed , you can track its status by visiting Facebook Support Inbox. Once you get in, you are going to see the status of your case. You will see if it is still open or already closed. 

  • Chat with a Facebook Representative

Another way you can appeal to Facebook is by going through  Here, you can have a live chat with a representative from Facebook.

  1. Click the blue-button with “Get Started” to begin with your appealing process, and it will redirect you to another page.

  3. On the first page, choose the box with “Policy & Account Security.”

  5. On the second page, you need to choose with what issue you want Facebook to help you.

  7. Then on the last page, you will be provided all the information that links as to why you have your ad account disabled. It is basically what we have discussed in this article. As you scroll down, you will see an option of “Request a Review,” which we have also discussed above.

  9. If you still have inquiries that are not yet answered on this page, you will see on the right side of the page: “Still need help? Contact Support.”  Facebook does provide live customer support, but is only available for certain groups of people or countries.



Rejected Facebook ads and disabled ad accounts are not uncommon, even for professionals. There can be various reasons for an account ban, from algorithm errors to actual policy violations. Regardless of the cause, remember that everything is fixable if you apply rigorous checks and audits to make sure you diligently follow Facebook’s User and Ad Policies.

If you are still confused about the Facebook appeal process, we at Boost can help you fix your account issues. We are a one-stop-shop digital marketing agency that offers comprehensive advice on Facebook Ad practices and policies. Work with us to get your Facebook Ads back on the right track.