All the IT community and many online resources owners are waiting for the release of the new CMS version, holding their breath. It is not surprising since WordPress 5.0 will be endowed with user-friendly functionality.

It will expand users’ capabilities and increase the comfort of dealing with the administrative panels of websites. Let’s understand the essence of the issue in more detail. Today we interview Konstantin Churakov – the experienced web developer from the “Boost Solutions” company.

When and which version of WordPress was released last? Which version is awaiting release?

The last two major WordPress updates (4.8 and 4.9) were introduced in 2017, so it has been more than a year since the last new features. The release of the new version 5.0 is expected for November 19, 2018.

What is the difference between the latest version of the popular CMS and the previous ones?

The killer feature of the WordPress 5.0 is a long-awaited implementation of the Gutenberg WordPress editor, also the new official Twenty Nineteen theme will be added.

How will the changes affect the usability of the websites and the administrative panel, design, download speed?

WordPress team releases minor updates about once in a month, primarily focusing on bugfixes, security enhancements and performance – so every update is crucial for your websites. The upcoming 5.0 release focuses on the new features, but we’ll see more performance improvements in a month.

What are the key benefits of this platform for users compared to previous versions? What are the opportunities for independent expansion of the functionality of the completed website?

The new editor gives users the tools to customize the posts’ and pages’ content easily and visually. So, it finally gives users a way to see how the blocks added will look on a live website in real time. That was previously possible only with using premium solutions like Divi or Elementor page builders.

What are the main benefits of this platform for developers compared to previous versions?

We will see some improvements to the WordPress Rest API. It helps developers to create more multifunctional products by making sending and pulling data from your website easier.

This update allows developers to create applications using the platform as a framework more easily. Besides, developers will be able to expand custom building blocks in addition to multiple ones provided with Gutenberg.

Which new useful functions will the clients get?

Clients often wish to edit the content of the complex pages by themselves. The new editor raises the quality and accessibility to new heights, establishes the new standard for editing of the WordPress content.

How will the websites on the updated CMS be displayed and function in different browsers?

Nothing new here. WordPress always works flawlessly across a wide range of browsers. But of course, it still mostly depends on the developer’s skill.

How will they be displayed and function on mobile devices?

The blocks are all responsive and mobile-friendly, so there should be no need for additional development from the specialists.

Who and for what would be advisable a create resources on the latest WordPress version?

WordPress is suitable for any website – be it a small promo landing page or a complex corporate portal. The new features further extend the possibilities for content creation and editing without the help from a developer. WordPress is the dominant CMS on the market for all website types, and we recommend it for everyone.

What are WordPress projects you are working on now?

Currently, there are several projects in the works: a personal website for private business consulting, the complex project for the German modern art contest and others.

What are your predictions? How popular will the new version of WordPress become in the business environment? How popular will it be among individual bloggers?

With the release of 5.0 and Gutenberg editor, the WordPress will continue its expansion on the market, because it will finally remove the “blockers” that alienated users from it – like poor content editing tools.

What explains this trend? Why is creating a website on WordPress – the most simple, convenient and cost-effective solution for many users?

WordPress leadership on the CMS market is pretty expectable because WordPress is very user-friendly: it allows for quick switching between themes, easy to use media library, great content editing and a big community of developers that extend the CMS core to suit all businesses’ needs.

WordPress 5.0: summarize

We can surely say that working with the new version of the WordPress platform will require some new skills from the developers and users. Therefore, we expect an increase of interest in this product for 2 weeks after the release. But its release should facilitate the process of content management for users having little to no experience with website administration.

Therefore, there is a high probability of a surge in popularity of this platform both among corporate and private clients (including bloggers). The exact statistics and a detailed review of main WordPress 5.0 functions will be provided in subsequent publications on our website. Follow the news.