Rules for a successful leader or Top 10 Motto by Viktor Mikla, CEO Boost Solutions

We are proud and sincerely rejoice at the success of each compatriot. We are especially interested in the features of the work of the managers. We learn what helps them build a successful business and skillfully lead growing teams.

Today, the character of our column has become Victor Mikla – CEO Boost Solutions. Previous to, Victor had built a successful career and had been heading 12 German concern’s manufacturing around the world for a long time, and now he runs his own IT company.

Our communication was long and, on the ground, we have identified 10 life principles that should be taken into account by anyone who has become or wants to become a manager:

  • Small improvements each day – optimize ongoing processes slow but steady.
  • Challenge taken – challenge performed – take on fighters. Do what you haven’t done before. Such an approach will give you growth and broadening your horizons. At the same time, don’t take on too many challenges, because you should perform they, but not fail.
  • You should hear, not only listen – there is a difference between these two concepts. It is essential to understand what this is about and what is the question. If you don’t understand, you should figure out, ask questions, read, learn.
  • Better pro-active, than reactive. Reactivity is a response to what is happening, and proactivity is the prediction of possible situations and consequences and their prevention. There is another one way to explain the term «firefighting»: it may give you some results, but preventing fires gives better results.
  • Never stop learning, reading – must do! The world is moving on, and we should change with the times. In our age, IT has made it possible to receive and impart information more quickly. Everything is accelerating.
  • Learn to sell – it’s an essential skill for CEO. It’s significant for entrepreneurship, for leadership and for building something new as a whole.
  • Get uncomfortable – it gives a lot of experience and understanding. How did we continually improve processes? For example, we determined for ourselves the category of stocks with which we worked, reduced and saw what was happening. If nothing – we were going down further. By the time of the occurrence of the shortage. Then we returned the stock to the previous level, analyzed the cause of the shortage and eliminated it. Our clients didn’t feel the impact of changes in our processes. Then we reduced again. And so on. In all processes.
  • «Fresh eye principle» is used to solve situations when you no longer see what the problem is and what to do with it. In this case, you invite from outside someone with experience, who hasn’t seen your processes yet. He may see the general picture with «fresh eye,» and offer exists because he doesn’t face the current problems. There is another variant, when CEO personally travels a lot, see different companies, challenges, and approaches to solving problems. For example, currently, directions of digitalization, digital transformation, automation are very popular. However, I have seen many episodes improper the fulfillment of similar projects for last and previous years.
  • Invest in your knowledge. It’s not easy to find time or opportunity for this. But this is necessary to do. Without additional explanations.
  • Concentrate on the big picture. You may lose your focus on the primary goal for various reasons. Sometimes you need to dip into the process, the decision, the details (especially when you are in the Firefighting Mode). However, never forget which business you want to build, which market to cover, which products and services to provide to customers.

*Translated from Profi Space.