IT News Weekly Recap – Windows 10 Update, YouTube Remix, Razer zVault & More

Windows 10 Gets a Big Update

  • Microsoft has previously promised to roll out major updates for Windows 10 every six months.
  • Most notable changes in today’s update are the new Timeline and Dictation features. Timeline replaces the old Task View and hosts the history of your previously opened apps and documents. Dictation is simply a speech-to-text tool that is now available universally by pressing Win+H.
  • Microsoft Edge is also getting a few updates like tabs muting, payments info autosaving, and full-screen Reading view.

Google Play Music Is Getting Replaced By YouTube Remix

Youtube Remix Service

  • As Google suggested in the last July, YouTube and Google Play Music will become one single streaming service.
  • The new YouTube Remix platform will replace Google Play Music later this year. The existing Play Music users will be migrated.

Snapchat Spectacles V2 Are Out

Snapchat Spectacles Version 2

  • Revamped “Snaptacles” can make photos now, feature an improved design, waterproofing, and new colors. Plus prescription options and minor firmware updates.
  • Spectacles V2 are now available in the U.S., Canada, U.K., and France, with 13 more European countries getting them on May 3.
  • The new version costs 150$ and is only available on Snap’s app and website.
  • V1 owners will get a firmware update and be able to take photos too

Razer Launches A Huge E-Payments Platform For Gamers

Razer zGold and zSilver digital payments and rewards

  • The all-new zVault now offers “convenient digital content payments… and rewards redemption”.
  • Virtual currency called zGold allows players to enjoy better prices, discounts, and promotion, while zSilver works as a loyalty reward system with real-life prizes.
  • Razer also plans to acquire the e-payment company that now powers the platform, MOL Global, for $61M.

Square Buys Weebly For $365M

Weebly merges with Square

  • The deal will allow small business customers to use Weebly and Square together to easily build online stores with integrated payments.
  • Square also plans to accelerate its international expansion. Currently, only 40% of its 625K paid subscribers reside outside the U.S.

T-Mobile and Sprint are Merging

T-Mobile and Sprint New Logo Concept

  • The new company will be simply called T-Mobile, Sprint brand will no longer exist.
  • Combined, the two hope to become one strong competitor to Verizon and AT&T, specifically in building the first 5G network.
  • The CEOs promised that the merger will result in lower costs, better network quality, and more jobs.
  • Both boards of directors approved the deal. T-Mobile will hold 42% of ownership, Sprint – 27%.

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