The Future Of Android Wear? (2018 Perspective)

A bit of our history

Boost Solutions was one of the first on the market to dedicate a whole team solely to Android Wear development. Since March of 2015, we’ve developed over 30 app products for smartwatches on this system. Our “Boost! Watch Face Collection” app has been downloaded more than 150K times and still holds high positions on the market.

Watch Face Collection for Android Wear

A year full of storms

In May of 2017, we faced a huge decline both in numbers and activity of our users. The Android Wear community itself was going through some of the most confusing times in the history of the platform.

Android Wear 2.0 was announced on 8 February 2017, however, the rollout of the global update was painfully slow. The update was coming too late, making many prospective customers turn to alternatives.

Worldwide smartwatch sales statistics by Statista

No wonder then that meanwhile, the sales of Apple Watch have doubled during the course of this year. Apple has effectively converted a large part of those who were previously openly waiting for the right Android Wear option. Samsung with its Tizen-based watches also didn’t back down. They successfully secured the second large market share, making Android Wear significantly fall behind during the course of this year.

Summer that broke the ice

The updated system was and still is very decent, although because of the delays Google wasn’t initially able to fulfill high expectations. Moreover, budget devices were lacking. Most of the new Android Wear watches in the early-mid 2017 were fashion-oriented $350+ models. Thus, Google has lost its positions for a while.

TicWatch S & E

However, the story is far from being finished. Since June, the update has been finally rolled out on most of the modern Android Wear watches, and the situation has stabilized. Furthermore, a number of new budget devices have also been either released (like TicWatch) or promised (like Misfit Vapor). The quick success of those new devices has shown that the platform is still viable and interesting for consumers.

Getting ready for a new season

Our own watch faces sales statistics have also proven that market decline for Android Wear has stopped. We were able to get back on a steady track again and have decided to keep on investing in Android Wear department. Moreover, we have even ordered new testing devices and developed a new production plan.

2018 promises to be an exciting year for wearables. It will mark either a true renaissance for Android Wear that we have been waiting for since the 2.0 update announcement or the end of Google’s active game on the smartwatch market. And regardless of the outcome, there’s still a good opportunity to capitalize on the existing products and smaller projects.

So should you invest in Android Wear in 2018?

For us, the answer was an affirmative yes. Granted that we already have good positions and the market has stabilized, still showing certain potential.

Yes, the success of any new long-term projects for Android Wear smartwatches is highly questionable. However, the global wearables & smartwatch market outlook proves that wearables, in general, are a strong trend and they are here to stay.

Smartwatch sales worldwide statistics

Smartwatch market will keep expanding despite anything that may happen to Google. And currently, Android Wear is still the most easy-to-enter and feature-rich platform to get your message out in the wearables’ world.

More and more developers now create smartwatch companion apps for their products. Although many of those apps lack innovation, they still provide some trending credibility to businesses. And thanks to a great community the truly innovative Android Wear apps quickly get into the limelight, so you can be sure your brand gets on the front pages of the internet.

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