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Віктор Мікла – інтерв’ю
Орієнтовно сім-вісім місяців тому в мене взяли інтерв'ю. На даний момент, опублікували лише дві частинки... Маркетинг..... Думаю варто все ж таки мати повну картину. Отже повний варіант.
How does color decision affect landing page conversion?
How does color combination in landing page design affect its performance? How much color change CTA elements can increase the conversion?
designdesign influencedesign trends 2019impact design on conversionWeb design
E-commerce Berlin Expo 2019: goals, expectations, and results
Boost Solutions strive to track current technology trends and attend industry-leading events. So, our employee's team visited e-commerce conference on 20 February. Today we want to tell about how did it go.
commercial websitese-commercee-commerce berlin expo 2019eventsindustry trends 2019
UI/UX design trends 2019
Which design trends will we follow in the next few years? How will this affect the industry as a whole and which design skills will be most appreciated?
design trends 2019UIUI/UXUI/UX designUX
How does usability (design and functionality) affect the effectiveness of an online store?
How development and UI/UX design impact on online store traffic and conversion? Which design trends should you take into account and how you would stand out from the competitors?
e-commercee-shopefficiency of an online storeonline storespage loading speed and conversionwebsite design trends
How UI/UX design impacts on the commercial success of the product?
What is the significance of UI/UX design to start a start-up and attracting investments? How does it affect the commercial success of the product?
attract investmentdesign influencerelease of the productstart a start-upUIUI/UXUI/UX designUX
What does it mean to be a real UI/UX designer?
What do you need to know in order to build a successful career? What skills should a UI/UX designer have?
UIUI/UXUI/UX designUI/UX designerUI/UX designer's skillsUX
Rules for a successful leader or Top 10 Motto by Viktor Mikla, CEO Boost Solutions
10 significant recommendations for future and novice managers. Read and use in your practice for achieving succes.
10 mottoBoost Solutionslife principlesrecommendations for CEOViktor Mikla
What features of character are considered the most valuable for a manager in the opinion of international experts? What is important for successful business development?
business developmentcompany managementcontrolleadershippartnershippersonnel managementskills and traits of an effective managertopmanagement
Top 5 IT trends 2019
What is the future of IT industry? Which trends will begin to rule? See a brief forecast for the current year.
AR technologieschatbotscloud storagesInternet of ThingsIoTIT industryIT trends 2019mobile connectiontechnologies
Tendering process: essence, features, and importance of technology
How does the tendering process begin and proceed? What does technology matter? Why is it important to use them?
e-tenderElectronic Public Procurement System (ePPS)electronic tenderingeTenderingtendertenderingtendering process
Digitization, Digitalization and Digital Transformation: where is a difference?
What is the meaning of these 3 terms? Why is it important to distinguish them? What value do they have for business?
business digital transformationdigital transformationdigitalizationdigitizationmodification of business modelsmodification of business processesmodification of communication channelsmodification of operationsnew opportunitiesupdate the software
What is better Robotization or Low-Cost Intelligent Automation?
Robotization or Low-Cost Intelligent Automation? What is more rational to use for manufacturing production upgrades? When will the mixed approach be relevant?
advantages of robotizationautomationbenefits of Low-Cost Intelligent Automationdisadvantages of robotizationLCIALow-Cost Intelligent Automationmanufacturing production upgradesrobotroboticrobotizationrobotsshortcomings of Low-Cost Intelligent Automation
Development perspectives of virtual reality and augmented reality
What is a better virtual or augmented reality? What are the differences between these two technologies? Where will they be most useful?
ARAR technologiesAR technologyAugmented Realityaugmented reality ARvirtual realityvirtual reality and augmented realityvirtual reality VRVRVR technologiesVR technology
The future of Agriculture sector
In the modern world, there is a tendency to automate business processes. Today's farmers are trying to reduce the time consuming on work, make the most rational schemes of cultivation plants and optimize work with carriers. So, what will be the future of the agricultural sector? Which trends will be major? Let's figure out the current situation and try to make a forecast.
agricultural sectoragricultural sector in the worldAgroTaxiautomation of agricultural processescargo trackingemerging agriculture technologiesnew technologies for agricultural sectortechnologies in the agricultural sectorthe future of Agriculturethe future of farmingweb applicationweb development
How to optimize the process of transportation using IoT?
Customers always want that their orders to be processed and delivered quickly. Nowadays, the operative approach is perceived as a matter of course. At the same time, clients think a little about that how such a result is achieved. In turn, manufacturers consider building a supply chain as one of the main tasks. Important roles here play the tracking of cargoes and the prediction of many factors. Today we will talk about how using IoT devices will help to cope with these two subtasks.
Industry internet of thingsInternet of ThingsInternet of things for manufacturingIoTSupply Chain
What is the significance of the emergence of the Gutenberg editor?
Embedding Gutenberg editor in the new version of WordPress is one of the most discussed events of this year. The developers claim that this innovation will expand the user's capabilities, but will require new skills from them. Someone is waiting for this with impatience, and someone wants to keep the Classic editor. What to the category of users do you belong? What does the editor Gutenberg mean to you?
Classic editorcompatibility of old and new themesGutenbergGutenberg editorWordPress 5.0
Sketch vs Figma. What’s better?
What to choose: Sketch or Figma? What are the benefits of each program? What are the prices for using each of them? Which of the programs will occupy a leading position on the market in the near future?
designdesigners' toolsFigmamodern web design trendsSketchWeb designWeb Design Trendsweb design trends 2018website design trends
All the IT community and many owners of their online resources are waiting for the release of the new version of the popular CMS, holding their breath. It is not surprising since Wordpress 5.0 will be endowed with user-friendly functionality. It will expand users’ capabilities and increase the comfort of working with the administrative panels of websites. Let's understand the essence of the issue in more detail. Today we interview Konstantin Churakov - the experienced web developer from the Boost Solutions company.
Why are outsourcing solutions in the field of web-development useful for business?
It can be difficult for business owners to decide on outsourcing a part of work. Often they are hampered by the fear of losing control over management processes, disclosing confidential information to strangers, or becoming a victim of poor-quality executors. However, the signing of a cooperation agreement and non-disclosure agreement solves the first two problems.
Boost SolutionsIT outsourcingIT-sphereorder web-development from an outsourceroutsourcing solutions for business
Top 28 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Mobile App Development
These days everything is driven by technology. People tend to use the technology available on their mobile devices more often. Gone on the days when one will sit down to look up a restaurant or retail shop online. Instead, users prefer to conduct a quick Google search to find such information. Mobile apps are on the rise.
What the Waterfall Project Management Methodology Can (and Can’t) Do for You
Working as a project manager, you have probably come across quite a few different approaches. It may be quite challenging to decide what will be most effective for your team’s success. Maybe Six Sigma, A3, Agile, Scrum, Prince2, or Pert ring a bell? Among these strategies, you might also have heard about the waterfall project management model.
Benefits of WaterfallProject ManagementWaterfall Development
8 Key Marketing Trends B2B Brands Need to Follow in 2018
Business-to-business marketing comes with a unique set of challenges. To begin with, many B2B brands need to foster longer relationships with their customers than consumer brands. Often, they cannot simply push for a sale.
B2Bbusiness developmentmarket analysisMarketersMarketingTrends
9 Reasons for Project Failures and What You Can Do About It
In this article, we will have a closer look at various problems which practically affect the plans. Additionally, we will also discuss ways through which you can solve these problems and prevent your idea from being a failure.
business developmentproject failsProject ManagementProject Planning
Big Data Marketing Shapes the Future of B2B Marketing
Improve your presence on all the marketing channels with big data marketing. Find out trends and tendencies and how big data is going to make a revolution in the marketing world.
B2BBig dataBig data marketingbusiness developmentBusiness ProcessesMarketing
IIOT – 7 Common Pitfalls Manufacturers Should Avoid
Digitalization is the inevitable reality of our modern world. More and more small manufacturers adopt IIoT as a way to transform their business. Here are the 7 common pitfalls that ruin 74% of such projects.
industrial internet of thingsInternet of things for manufacturingIoT risksrisks IoT
How To Accelerate Business Growth (10 Working Strategies)
Running a flush business is a disaster. As soon as you relax a little - it starts falling apart. Try pushing it harder? Feels like you start to fall apart yourself. Seems nothing can help this.
Business growth strategiesgrowing small businesshow to grow businesssmall business growth tipsways to grow small business
5 Reasons Why Devs Love GitHub (And Microsoft Buys It)
GitHub hosts 85M code repositories and has 28M users, which is more than the population of Australia. In this article, we will find out exactly why GitHub is so popular.
code repository solutionsGithub featuresMicrosoft buys GitHubwhat is GithubWhy use GitHub
IT News Weekly Recap – New Facebook Search Engine, Microsoft Acquires GitHub & More
When you work hard – it's easy to lose touch with the real world. No worries, we've got you covered. Here's a brief overview of the latest IT news everyone talks about.
digital license platesfacebook influencer marketingfacebook search for influencersGoogle Neighbourly app releaseYandex Station smart speaker
IT News Weekly Recap – Adobe Acquires Magento, ZTE’s US Comeback & More
When you work hard – it's easy to lose touch with the real world. No worries, we've got you covered. Here's a brief overview of the latest IT news everyone talks about.
Adobe acquires MagentoAmazon Marketplace AppstoreGoogle ARCore in ChinaGoogle in ChinaInVision Studio newsZTE US Ban news
Industry 4.0: The Top 9 Trends For 2018
The term “Industrie 4.0” was coined seven years ago. Since then, the “fourth industrial revolution” has already taken shape and developed its own consistent themes. In this article, we will review 9 paramount trends of this revolution.
Digital transformation trends 2018IIoTIndustry internet of thingsIoT industry trends 2018What is Industry 4.0
IT News Weekly Recap – Intel’s 8M Self-Driving Cars, Fortnite On Android, Youtube Music & More
When you work hard – it's easy to lose touch with the real world. No worries, we've got you covered. Here's a brief overview of the latest IT news everyone talks about.
Fortnite comes on AndroidIntel self-driving carsIntel's autonomous vehiclesYoutube Music subscription explained
IT News Weekly Recap – Google I/O 2018 Highlights, Android P Beta & More
This week, IT world was literally revolving around one single event - Google I/O 2018 conference. Let’s dive in and briefly review what exactly Google has revealed and why it’s so important.
ai personal assistantAndroid 8.0 Betaandroid board developmentandroid internet of thingsandroid iotandroid keynote 2018android P betaAndroid Things 1.0google ai assistant new featuresgoogle duplexGoogle I/O 2018Google Maps ARNew Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear
IT News Weekly Recap – Facebook’s Answer To Tinder, Xiaomi’s Bold IPO, Upgraded Instagram AR & More
When you work hard – it's easy to lose touch with the real world. No worries, we've got you covered. Here's a brief overview of the latest IT news everyone talks about.
.App domain benefitsAugmented RealityDotApp domainFacebook Dating FeatureInstagram ARInstagram Video ChatIT newsWhatsApp VideoWorld IT NewsXiaomi IPO
Outsourcing A Little – Hiring Freelancers VS Outstaffing
Is there a safe alternative to hiring freelancers? How to find help for your project without giving it away? What is outstaffing and when you need it? Find out in this article.
difference between outsourcing and freelancingOutsourcing examplesOutsourcing pros and consOutstaffing Definitionoutstaffing servicesOutstaffing vs OutsourcingRisks of hiring freelancers
IT News Weekly Recap – Windows 10 Update, YouTube Remix, Razer zVault & More
When you work hard – it's easy to lose touch with the real world. No worries, we've got you covered. Here's a brief overview of the latest IT news everyone talks about.
5GIT newsMajor AcquisitionsNew Snapchat SpectaclesT-Mobile and SprintWindows 10 UpdateWorld IT NewsYouTube Remix
Mobile App Development Lifecycle – From Idea to Solutions
Want to assure a smooth release of your mobile app? Then it’s time to start thinking about app development specifications & dev cycle. Read more!
App Development ChecklistDevelopment GuideSLDCSoftware Lifecycle
IT News Weekly Recap – Amazon’s Secret Program, Google Revenue Record, Twitch’s Virtual Currency & More
When you work hard – it's easy to lose touch with the real world. No worries, we've got you covered. Here's a brief overview of the latest IT news everyone talks about.
Amazon RobotIT newsmobile gamingTechnologyTwitch BitsTwitch ExtensionsWorld IT News
Testing Mobile Apps & Debugging: Require Foolproof Methodology
Read about testing mobile apps and what impact it can have on the overall results of development. Learn what testing strategies can be good to use.
mobile developmentquality assurancesoftware testingtesting methodologies
Agile Retrospective: The What, Why, and How (Quick Guide)
My introduction to the underlying Agile principles started in the manufacturing domain, not software. This taught me to appreciate continuous improvement ideas even more, especially the retrospective practice. Here’s why.
Agileagile retrospective ideasContinuous ImprovementFixing productsProject PlanningRetrospective meetingsretrospective project managementSCRUMTeam Buildingwhat is agile retrospective
IT News Weekly Recap – Facebook Scandals, Crypto News, Shootings at YouTube HQ & More
When you work hard – it's easy to lose touch with the real world. No worries, we've got you covered. Here's a brief overview of the latest IT news everyone talks about.
crypto blog newscrypto newsCryptocurrenciesFacebook ScandalIT newsShootings At YouTubeTechnologyWorld IT News
OnePlus Teases Own Cryptocurrency (Makes Sense, Even If It’s A Joke)
For years, OnePlus has been famous exclusively for its affordable flagships, but this may soon change. Here are three reasons why OnePlus cryptocurrency may actually be a good idea.
CryptocurrenciesMobile Paymentsone plus blockchainOnePlusOnePlus Blockchainoneplus cryptoOnePlus CryptocurrencyOnePlus RumorsPeiCoin
Mobile Gaming eSports Revolution: Amazon GameOn, PUBG & Fortnite
Mobile gaming is already a $46B industry. Titles like PubG and Fortnite are storming the market, and mobile eSports are finally becoming a thing. What's next? Amazon GameOn.
Amazon GameOneSportsfortnite esportsgame developmentmarket analysismobile gamingmobile gaming statisticspubg mobile amazon
4 Ultimate Levels Of The Management Mastery (Management Skills Pyramid)
Management is not an easy task, and every project manager knows the weight of responsibilities that come with the title. You are expected to know more and understand better at all times. Sounds familiar?
General Managementmanagement pyramidmanagement skills pyramidSelf-developmentSelf-educationSkillsSkills Pyramid
Less is More: 3 Powerful Mini-Wireframing Techniques [Explained]
Despite the new fancy ways to create design concepts (like interactive prototypes, for example), wireframing is still popular. And after reading this article you’ll love it even more! Learn about 3 main technics for creating simple yet powerful wireframes.
Guidelinesinteractive wireframesMicroframingPrototypingTechniqueWeb designWireframe toolswireframesWireframing
Create Remarkable Products, Fast! [3-Step Guide]
The pioneer of disk drive industry Alan Shugart once said: “Sometimes I think we'll see the day when you introduce a product in the morning and announce the end of its life in the evening.”
Product DevelopmentQuick GuideRapid prototypingSoftware Development
Top 5 Terrible UX Mistakes That Repel eCommerce Customers
What if we told you that your eCommerce website loses money by copying all of the same UX mistakes that the majority makes? And you will be surprised how easy it is to fix them!
eCommerceecommerce uxTipstop ux mistakesUI/UXux statisticsWeb design
8 Ingredients Of A Perfect Supply Chain (Nobody Thinks About #8)
If your company deals with manufacturing or procurement in any form - you have a supply chain, and chances are - it needs optimizing.
Business ProcessesGuideImprovementIntroductionLogisticsSupply ChainSupply Chain Improvement
Telegram’s $2B ICO Whitepaper – Another Cryptocurrency Hoax?
Telegram is already famous and popular, largely due to its encryption and amazing usability. Now, the company jumps onto the Blockchain train too, planning a whole $2 Billion ICO real soon. Will TON be the first cryptocurrency to go mainstream?
AltcoinsBlockchainCryptocurrencyGramsico marketing telegramico telegram chatsocial networkstelegram ico whitepaperTelegram Open NetworkTON
GUIDE: Strongest Web Design Trends In 2018
How does a fresh and lasting web design look in 2018? Find out how smart color, unconventional layouts, bold typography, and animations can make your website a web design icon and a real lead magnet in this year.
Mobile Firstmodern layoutsmodern web design trendsResponsive DesignWeb Design Trendsweb design trends 2018website design trends
Bitcoin Hits Almost $10K
This exact morning, the internet’s beloved cryptocurrency reached the value of almost $10K ($9,732.56 to be precise) per Bitcoin, according to CoinDesk.
Bitcoin BubbleBitcoin pricebitcoin price graphbtc price graphCryptocurrenciesEthereum RateFinancial MarketTrends
Blocks – Long-Awaited Modular Smartwatch Is Finally Here?
Modular watch is not a new idea, but how many of those do remember making it past the Kickstarter? Well, there is at least one, and it’s called Blocks. The real question - is it worth $259 today, after 2 years of waiting?
blocks modular smartwatchblocks smartwatchCES 2018modular watchSmartwatchesStartups
Battle of PM Methodologies – Waterfall vs Agile vs SCRUM
Technologies are constantly changing and so do management methodologies. What worked yesterday might not work today, and vice versa. How can you then be confident that your project is managed correctly?
Agile DevelopmentBenefits of AgileBenefits of WaterfallPM MethodologiesProject ManagementSCRUMSoftware Development MethodologiesWaterfall Development
10 Kicking Mobile App Development Trends of 2018
Did you know that Google Play and App Store both have grown almost 35% over the last year? Mobile apps are getting more and more powerful!
mobile app development trendsmobile app development trends 2018mobile app trendsmobile app trends 2018mobile developmentTrendsWearables
3 Simple Ways to Win More Business in 2018 [Emphatic Marketing]
Who stands behind every business? People. Living, breathing human beings that can’t be fitted completely into some spreadsheets. Learn 3 simple ways to reach real people and sell more through emphatic marketing.
empathic marketingEmphatic Approachhuman to human marketingMarketingPsychologySales tips and tricksSales tricks
Saving Snapchat – Redesign, Smart AR Filters & Ad Revolution
With Instagram stories booming and even Youtube copying this feature now, saving Snapchat sounds like mission impossible. However, Snapchat still has a chance. The secret weapon? AR ads.
ARAR ad solutionAR adsFiltersinstagramRedesignsnapchatUpdate
Blockchain & IoT Revolutionizing The Food Industry Supply Chain Management
Blockchain & IoT in the food industry supply chain? Modern farming business is far closer to the future than one may think. Food industry solutions of the future are going digital, and that's a fact.
AgricultureBlockchainfood industry solutionsfood industry supply chain managementiot food industryiot in food industryLogisticsSupply Chainzest iot
How Smartwatches Redefine The Future Of Security (Audi Example)
Smartphones have already taken their place in the security domain, partially replacing both keys and key fobs. Is it time for wearables and IoT to take their turn?
Android WearApple WatchSecurityWear OSWearables
Android Studio 3.0: Kotlin Support, Java 8 Libraries, and Instant Apps
Android Studio is the official IDE (integrated development environment) for Android system, an open source project built on JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA. The first version came out in May 2013, and since then there were 3 major updates, with the last one coming just a few weeks ago.
android java 8Android Studioandroid studio java 8android studio kotlinDevelopment Toolsfeatures android studiojava 8 performancejava instant
The Future Of Android Wear? (2018 Perspective)
Wearables is one of the most popular tech buzz-words. But is it a viable market? Find out from a company that is still investing in Android Wear in 2018.
Android Wearandroid wear 2018android wear developmentApple WatchInvestingSmartwatchesTizenWearables