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8 Ingredients Of A Perfect Supply Chain
If your company deals with manufacturing or procurement in any form - you have a supply chain, and chances are - it needs optimizing.
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Telegram’s $2B ICO – The First Chat Cryptocurrency To Go Mainstream?
Telegram is already famous and popular, largely due to its encryption and amazing usability. Now, the company jumps onto the Blockchain train too, planning a whole $2 Billion ICO real soon. Will TON be the first cryptocurrency to go mainstream?
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Guide: Strongest web design trends in 2018
We've just updated our website! Why? Because web develops and trends change, that's why. And this, of course, is exactly what makes it ever so challenging to nail the new look.
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Bitcoin hits almost $10K
This exact morning, the internet’s beloved cryptocurrency reached the value of almost $10K ($9,732.56 to be precise) per Bitcoin, according to CoinDesk.
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Blocks – Long-Awaited Modular Smartwatch Is Finally Here?
Modular watch is not a new idea, but how many of those do remember making it past the Kickstarter? Well, there is at least one, and it’s called Blocks. The real question - is it worth $259 today, after 2 years of waiting?
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Battle of PM Methodologies – Waterfall vs Agile vs SCRUM
Technologies are constantly changing and so do management methodologies. What worked yesterday might not work today, and vice versa. How can you then be confident that your project is managed correctly?
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10 Kicking Mobile App Development Trends of 2018
Did you know that Google Play and App Store both have grown almost 35% over the last year? Mobile apps are getting more and more powerful!
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Remember the Human: How to Use Emphatic Marketing to Win More Business in 2018
Who stands behind every business? People. Living, breathing human beings that can’t be fitted completely into some spreadsheets. That’s why today it’s so crucial to use emphatic marketing rather than simply being Client-centric...
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Saving Snapchat – Redesign, Smart AR Filters & Ad Revolution
With Instagram stories booming and even Youtube copying this feature now, saving Snapchat sounds like mission impossible. However, Snapchat still has a chance.
Blockchain & IoT Revolutionizing The Food Industry Supply Chain
Blockchain & IoT in the food industry supply chain? Modern farming business is far closer to the future than one may think.
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Smartwatches are the next-gen keychains
Smartphones have already taken their place in the security domain, partially replacing both keys and key fobs. Is it time for wearables and IoT to take their turn?
Android Studio 3.0: Kotlin Support, Java 8 Libraries, and Instant Apps
Android Studio is the official IDE (integrated development environment) for Android system, an open source project built on JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA. The first version came out in May 2013, and since then there were 3 major updates, with the last one coming just a few weeks ago.
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Should you still invest in Android Wear? 2018 Perspective
Wearables is one of the most popular tech buzz-words. But is it a viable market? Find out from a company that is still investing in Android Wear in 2018.
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